Transforming college admissions with data

Empowering admissions committee with Analytics, Machine Learning, and Generative AI

Who We Are

Shaping the Future of Higher Education with Data-Driven Insights from Admissions to Post-Admissions business intelligence.

At AdmitWise, we are dedicated to revolutionizing the admissions process for universities worldwide. Our cutting-edge platform leverages advanced analytics, machine learning, and generative AI to empower admissions committees with unparalleled insights. From extracting and analyzing applicant materials to visualizing data for easy understanding, AdmitWise streamlines the evaluation process while ensuring accuracy and relevance.

With a focus on holistic candidate assessment, we enable institutions to make informed decisions, identify strengths and weaknesses, and foster collaboration among reviewers.

Who We Are

Post admissions with business intelligence Insights.

At AdmitWise, we go beyond optimizing the admissions process. Our innovative platform provides comprehensive business intelligence insights post-admissions, empowering universities to understand their admitted student pool and overall candidate landscape. Through advanced analytics and visualization, we offer in-depth insights into the demographics, preferences, and behaviors of admitted students and the wider applicant pool.

Armed with this knowledge, universities can tailor their marketing strategies, target recruitment efforts, and optimize resource allocation for maximum impact. Join us in shaping the future of higher education with data-driven decision-making every step of the way.


Leading the Innovation Wave in College Admissions

Advanced Data Visualization

Understand students as clear as a day. Our platform presents complex data in visually intuitive graphs and charts, facilitating data-driven decision-making. With customizable options, users tailor data presentation to suit preferences, enhancing clarity and effectiveness.

Remove guesswork with Generative AI

Unlock uniform and transparent evaluation. AdmitWise analyzes applicant materials comprehensively, extracting relevant information and standardises it. Contextually relevant information generated by generative AI ensures accuracy and relevance, empowering informed decision-making.

Strategic Decision-Making.

Detailed and tailored business intelligence for your pool.AdmitWise provides invaluable post-admissions insights, analyzing admitted student pools and overall candidate landscapes. Armed with detailed demographics and preferences, universities optimize recruitment efforts and marketing campaigns strategically.


Elevate Your Admissions Experience with Advanced Features

Comprehensive Data Visualization

Visualize Insights with Clarity. Present applicant data in easy-to-understand graphs and charts. Quickly grasp key insights through visually intuitive displays.

Generative AI

No more guessing and looking for information. Use generative AI for contextually relevant summaries, eliminating guesswork. Ensure accuracy in evaluations with data-driven insights from generative AI.

Advanced Analytics

Unlock insights right when making decisions. Leverage complete pool data for informed decision-making.

Uniform Evaluation

Ensure Consistency in Decision-Making. Establish evaluation criteria to maintain uniformity across reviewers. Promote transparency and consistency throughout the decision-making process.

SLATE Integrations

Seamlessly works with data exported from SLATE CRM. Option to have application creation and student application acceptance portal.

Business Intelligence & Strategic Decision-Making

Use Post-Admissions Insights to optimize recruitment efforts and resource allocation. Gain invaluable candidate insights for strategic marketing decisions.


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